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Our site is devoted to modern arms. We made an attempt to cover this field broadly. We hope that the project "Arsenal" will be of interest of you. Please send us your opinions and proposals.

The site contents:

Air force. Aircraft of various functions. Planes, helicopters and pilotless vehicles. The library includes only the aerotechnics, which is used by the modern armies of the world. The description includes reviews, specifications and photo galleries.

Land forces. Armored vehicles and ground aids for their destruction. Tanks, armored troop carriers, artillery and missile systems. The land forces are the basis of the armed services of any state. From experience of the contemporary armed conflicts it is clear that victory is impossible without the ground forces.

Navy. The effective navy secures military superiority. The modern navy equipped with aircraft carriers and submarines with ballistic missiles is the sure sign of the superpower. Missile submarines are the impregnable weapons of mass destruction.

Small arms. Personal fire-arms for the infantry and special forces. Various types of fire-arms: assault rifles, pistols, machine guns, submachine-guns, sniper rifles. Reviews, photo galleries and specifications.

Armies of the world. The reviews cover the structure and organization of the land forces, air forces and navy of the countries of the world, their military budgets and army equipment. The articles are illustrated with national and military flags.

Developers. Developers and manufacturers of the military equipment. The history of development, most successful samples, prototypes in the developmental stage, budgets and trends. Essential elements of headquarters, contacts.

Military equipment types. Basic types of the military equipment. Place of each type in the structure of the armed forces. The history of coming into being and development, peculiarities of their construction and fighting application. The evolution of the given types of military equipment.


Rafale D/M fighter, Air force

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