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Combat vehicle AMX-10P     
Developer: GIAT (France) 
Operator:  France  The United Arab Emirates  Greece  Indonesia  Qatar  Saudi Arabia  Mexico 

AMX 10 P

The AMX 10 P is the support and freight vehicle of the mechanized infantry units, and the tank carried squadrons of the combat regiments. This tracked amphibious armoured vehicle transports a group of 9 men in addition to the driver and gunner under turret. It has a great autonomy and an excellent terrestrial and water mobility which allow it, in particular, to cross by its own means a flooded cut. Its armament enables it to intervene effectively against light armoured tanks and low flying aircraft. Protected against weapons from average gauge and the shrapnel of artillery shell, it can fight in contaminated atmosphere. Crew: 2 men (1 conductor and 1 gunner) remain on board after the unloading of a group whose leader also serves as commander of the vehicle.

A French SNPE explosive reactive armor (ERA) kit and others are available for use on the AMX-10P. However, during dismounted troop movement, ERA would be a hazard. Thus, passive armor is more likely; and ERA application is doubtful.


AMX-10P: Variant with Milan or HOT ATGM launcher

AMX-10P/Milan: ATGM launcher vehicle, with two launchers

AMX/HOT: ATGM launcher vehicle (Toucan II turret, 4 launchers)

AMX-10 TM: Mortar carrier towing 120-mm RT-61 mortar

AMX-10 PAC 90: Fire support/AT variant with Giat 90-mm gun

AMX-10P Marine: Improved swim variant w/ 12.7/25/90-mm gun

AMX-10 PC: Command variant with varied command stations

AMX-10 RC: Wheeled (6 x 6) fire support vehicle with 90-mm gun

AMX-10 RAC: The same fire support chassis with 105-mm gun

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