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Combat vehicle VCTP     
Operator:  Argentina 

VCTP Vehiculo de Combate Transporte de Personal

Although supplied to Argentina, the TAMSE VCTP was originally developed in Germany by the firm Thyssen. The contract for the army of Argentina was within the framework of the development of a vehicle equipped with a cannon of 105 mm and an infantry fighting vehicle based on the same frame and the drive train. Argentine did the production locally. When the production was ended, a total of 106 VCTP units & 13 TAM-VCTM units had been built.

The basic vehicle VCTP IFV is very similar to the vehicle of German Marder 1, apart from the local modifications, such as the replacement of the engine by a more powerful diesel engine of 720 HP. The main armament is a 20 mm cannon and a 7,62 mm machine gun for anti-aircraft defence, installed on the two-seat turret. Another machine gun of 7,62 mm is on the hull, which is commanded electrically. It is controlled from the troop compartment, which can carry 10 soldiers and all their equipment. The soldiers enter the vehicle by a ramp situated behind by the vehicle. Firing ports are installed on the sides of the hull of the vehicle, allowing thet soldiers to use their weapons from the inside of the vehicle.

A command post version also exists, which is very similar, though it can carry only six crew. Another VCTM version allows the transport of a mortar of 120 mm and its crew of five people. A prototype of vehicle of maintenance and repair was produced but unsuccessfully, as was version equipped with a 155mm cannon. The VCLC MRL was studied as launcher of 160 or 350 mm rockets, but this remained only at the stage of prototype.

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