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Armies of the world. Surinam

Population: 419 thousand people. The military budget is 11 million dollars (2001). The regular forces are 2 040 people. Recruitment for the army is voluntary. Mobilization resources - 118,7 thousand people, including 69,8 thousand able-bodied men.

Land forces: 1 600 people, 1 infantry battalion, 1 armoured cavalry squadron, 1 company of the military police. Arms: 6 armoured reconnaissance vehicles EE-9 Cascavel, 15 armored troop carriers, 6 81 mm mortars, 106 mm recoilless guns M40A1.

Air force: 200 people, 7 war-planes, combat helicopters are not available. Planes and helicopters: 2 C-212-400, 4 BN-2, PC-7, Cessna U206, 2 SA-319, AB-205.

Naval forces: 240 people, 3 patrol boats.

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